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Custom BI solution for Defence

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This Defence client, in its effort to maintain its presence in the region and ensure peace keeping, invests hundreds of millions every year on new equipment including ships and helicopters.


Disparate spreadsheets and a lot of manual processing.

Our client was planning to replace its legacy fleet of Frigates with new vessels and wanted to ensure it would have the right amount of personnel at the right time and suitably trained to man the new state of the art ships. Existing planning solutions were based on disparate spreadsheets and a lot of manual processing.


A bespoke data management and forecasting platform.


Working with our partner, Futura Global, a specialist in providing Defence solutions, we created a bespoke data management and forecasting platform, identifying where personnel gaps would occur, at sufficient notice for the Navy to take effective remedial action.

This in-house resource management solution allowed Navy to forecast different planning scenarios in a matter of minutes, save valuable manpower time and ensure it would successfully meet its targets during the switch to the new types of vessels.

Since our first project, 3 or so years ago, our client has been continuously expanding this workforce optimisation and resource management solution to include its entire equipment base and workforce, using it as a core decision making tool daily up until this day.

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