Train your strategy.

Evolve or die was how Darwin said it...

Our expert teams of data scientists and engineers can support you along this journey and help you gain an edge by exploiting your data and building the analytics infrastructure that suits your immediate and long term needs.

We choose from a plethora of analytics tools such as Python, R, Spark, SQL, Hadoop, Hive, Spark and others. We strive to create solutions that bring sustainable results and high ROI. We help you create automated, algorithmic solutions that are readily available to support strategic decisions from how to allocate marketing budgets, which customers to target and when, forecast sales or identify the price that optimises margin.


You have an abundance of data and want to start using it to predict, change and own the future.

ML helps you build data-driven strategies through a series of well tested and successful techniques:

  • Clustering and Classification Algorithms
  • Recommendation Engines and Signal Processing
  • Regression Models and Forecasting
  • Price Sensitivity and Optimisation

Examples of where we have successfully applied ML, include, among others:


Content is everywhere and what we read or write tells a lot about who we are what we care and don’t care about.

NLP, from being an experimental AI field, has become one of the cornerstones in helping companies extract valuable information from text and build successful strategies.

Whether it’s about:

  • Creating a better marketing strategy increasing conversion rate.
  • Converting user comments into areas and weaknesses your company needs to focus on or a Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Automatically extracting information from a log, a receipt, an email or any kind of document, saving time and money you can get in touch with our NLP specialists to find out how we can help you

“If only I had known then…” is how we often start sentences...


Hindsight is a great thing and that is why we’ve been using system dynamics and state of the art simulation techniques to foresee the impact of corporate strategies and perform what-if analysis.

Our clients include:

  • FMCGs testing out different marketing and trade promotion strategies
  • Airlines trying to pick the pricing strategy that maximises profit
  • Defence organisations trying to predict manpower gaps and how to close them
  • Healthcare institutions, trying to predict demand and minimize doctor and nurse gaps

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