Monetize your data.

Create new revenue streams and services by utilizing the data from your normal operations.

Our team of engineers create custom data management solutions, integrating with or replacing your existing systems and delivering a fast, cost efficient and automated single version of the truth environment.

Data scientists can then apply their algorithms to gauge customer needs and satisfaction, identify new ways of doing business and create a system that can help you leapfrog competition and become best in class.

If you simply want help designing a new data infrastructure or decide whether to go on premise or cloud or have a discussion on how to monetize your data and create new revenue streams for your business we’d love to hear from you.


Our services cover the whole ETL life-cycle from extraction to visualization and Business Intelligence.

Our software engineers and big data developers have extensive experience working with cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services and building fast, secure and scalable on demand data infrastructures.

Our experience includes working on projects such as:

  • An Azure SaaS platform for a UK software house offering a subscription based BI solution to corporate clients in Defence and Healthcare
  • An AWS big data infrastructure for an online travel agency dealing with thousands of requests real-time and handling a couple TB of data at peak intervals, usually on US business hours.
  • A Hadoop cluster integrating millions of customer records and then utilizing HD Insight to create a churn prediction and prevention pipeline for a leading loyalty program
  • An Azure based platform for a digital marketing agency, analyzing traffic and thousands of online articles across a network of publishers and then using NLP and machine learning to cluster customers based on their reading preferences and push personalized ads.
  • An Azure SQL Data Warehouse integrating data from more than 15 different legacy data systems and platforms, managing millions of transactions per day and visualising customer analytics through Tableau for a leading Fintech organisation. 

Implementing a solution on the cloud has the advantage of being globally and constantly available.

Sometimes though there are concerns about data security and data ownership.

Although these issues can be addressed on public cloud environments, some clients may opt for an On-Premise implementation, such as a private cloud, or for a Hybrid solution. A Hybrid solution will ease any concerns regarding sensitive data and delivering high performance on data access.

Our experience with on premise solutions includes the highly regulated Aviation industry and the highly sensitive Defence and Banking industries as well as CPG and Loyalty Management sectors. Our teams have specialist experience in creating data management solutions that achieve desirable performance levels, whilst at the same time complying with the industry’s and the organisations technology and security constraints.


Opportunities for new revenue generation streams have emerged with data at the center of the modern digital business model.


Data monetisation has already done an amazing job at transforming business in all verticals. Customers ranging from banks, telcos, loyalty systems, e-shops, energy and utilities companies and retailers have the potential to earn new revenues from the vast amount of data they hold.

We can help you along the entire process of creating an end to end Data as a Service (DaaS) business model including:

  • Identifying your target customers' needs and requirements
  • Taking stock of your data assets and how they can be utilized
  • Addressing regulatory and legal issues and compliance with GDPR
  • What business model is best i.e. how to price and sell your data and the insights coming out of it
  • Picking the right technology strategy and implementing it whether it’s a cloud based subscription service or selling audiences to digital marketers and brands

Sounds interesting?

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