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Salesforce Live Athens Event: The Success Factor





Salesforce Live: Athens

Satori Analytics a Platinum Sponsor at the Salesforce Live Athens Event on May 19th, 2022.

As a certified Salesforce consulting partner, we have deep knowledge and understanding of the Salesforce platform. This allows us to provide top-quality services to our clients and maximize their CRM strategy through targeted, personalized and data-driven solutions.

This was the first event that Satori participated in since the Covid-19 pandemic and we were more than happy to contribute to its success as Platinum Sponsors. We were thrilled to be able to interact in person with clients, stakeholders and industry experts after all this time.

During the event our Chief Product Officer, Stijn Schuermans, had the chance to discuss the success factors in building a successful data-driven CX ecosystem.

In a digital era full of constant spamming and irrelevant content, every brand has to learn how to build a direct, lasting relationship with their customers.

The key solution for a successful digital relationship with the customers is creating relevant and personalized interactions with them. Targeted and focused personalization can be achieved by applying deep customer analytics to leverage unified customer data from a cloud based and scalable single Customer View. This will end up offering to the end users personalized content and offers based on Data driven CX strategy.

Watch the key highlights from our participation in the event:

Salesforce Live: Athens Salesforce Live: Athens Salesforce Live: Athens Salesforce Live: Athens Salesforce Live: Athens
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