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Python Upskilling for Vodafone Greece





Python Upskilling for Vodafone Greece

Realizing the benefits of adopting Python as a Data Analysis tool, Vodafone Greece contacted Satori Analytics with a request of upskilling its Data Analysts.

Python has evolved to be an essential data analysis tool of any enterprise or business. More specifically, it has enabled analysts to easily develop scalable data flows using high level code to support decision making.

The main goal of the course is to teach Vodafone Greece analysts all the necessary Python coding techniques utilized by modern Data Analysts. Satori custom designed a 13 lesson course spanning across 3 months. During the course participants are taught Python theory alongside practical examples, but they are exposed to real life coding exercises and hands on case studies.

Curriculum includes basic and intermediate level Python, Pandas, Data Visualization (with libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn), statistics, probability and Machine Learning using Python.

At the end of the course participants are familiar with key concepts of computer programming and are able to solve common business problems and automate repeating tasks using Python. They are also able to develop end to end data pipelines including steps such as reading data from various data sources, use Pandas libraries to perform complex data transformations, create beautiful data visualizations and save the results in numerous file formats. Last but not least, they gained experience in ML methodologies on how to build simple clustering and predictive models to further enhance decision making.

To ensure compliance with Covid19 regulations the entirety of the course was delivered remotely. The remote training ran smoothly as participants had access to the training material through a dedicated online platform and were able to ask questions and receive guidance in real time during the lecture. Outside of the lecture hours, Satori’s experienced Data Scientist were also available to the participants via email to further assist with the learning process. Overall, the course experience was very positive for both sides.

First of all, the orchestration of resources and communication achieved by the Vodafone Greece Upskilling department enabled us to quickly set up the learning process and troubleshoot any issue that we had. Additionally, the participants showed great interest and devotion in learning Python. According to their feedback, they were able to utilize their Python training, even well before the end of the course, to automate parts of their analytics routines which was the main purpose of this project.

A big thank you to Vodafone Greece for trusting Satori Analytics with this project.

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