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ShopX 2022
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ShopX 2022 - Key takeaways

Satori Analytics was a proud sponsor of the Shop X Conference 2022, organized by Boussias and netweek.

Our data-driven CX Lead, George Savvopoulos, was a featured speaker and showcased how to achieve personalisation at scale to sky-rocket customer satisfaction, sales, and retention.

His presentation titled “Success factors in data driven customer experience ecosystems”, answered these key questions:

  • Why is the use of data important in defining the customer experience?
  • What are the key factors that contribute to the success of a data driven customer experience communication model?
  • What does a successful Data Driven CX ecosystem look like, what are its main components and how does it work?

The main pain points which emerged from these questions, as well as suggestions that Satori believes that would help any business within their CX Journey, are presented in the following slides:

ShopX 2022 - Key Takeaways ShopX 2022 - Key Takeaways ShopX 2022 - Key Takeaways
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