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CTC - Successful Client Story





CTC - Successful Client Story

We are very proud to announce our collaboration with Microsoft and Cyprus Trading Corporation Plc (CTC).

This is a joint program to support their current data estate and help them move their Data Warehousing, Reporting and BI plus all Web Apps to Microsoft Azure.

CTC, a leading Group listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, owns an extensive chain of retail stores across Fashion, Beauty, F&B, Food Retail, Home Improvement and DIY. They daily manage thousands of transactions across their network and closely monitor both inventory levels and brand sales per location, consumed internally but also provided as a service offering to its suppliers.

Our project will focus on uplifting the on-premises infrastructure to a hybrid Azure-based ecosystem. The purpose of the migration plan is to modernize CTC’s data estate by enabling fast, secure and reliable use of data, including the creation of a single source of truth by integrating with various data sources, web applications and the company’s ERP system.

Once the new infrastructure is up and running, CTC will be in position to manage its daily operations more efficiently, gain system performance enhancements and realize increased productivity at a diminished upfront capital investment and affordable operational costs. Our Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics algorithms will provide deeper insights about its operations and refine customer profiles with the purpose of further enhancing service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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