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Michael Georgakopoulos' interview for Innovative Greeks





Michael Georgakopoulos' interview for Innovative Greeks

Michael Georgakopoulos was recently featured in the Innovative Greeks website by SEV and Endeavor.

Innovative Greeks community is a joint initiative designed by SEV and Endeavor. The aim is to bring together innovative Greeks from all over the world to help turn Greece into a hub of innovation with enterprises that create value for today and the generations ahead.

In his interview with them, Michael talks about the decision to set up Satori Analytics in 2014, when the economic climate was unstable and Machine Learning and AI were only buzzwords, while at the same time he elaborates more on how he identified this market opportunity when working in the UK just 10 years prior to the inception of Satori.

He explains how Satori, a boutique firm, has been able to compete with bigger more established competitors, by stressing the unique characteristics that differentiates the company from the rest of the industry.

Last but not least, one of the most important lessons he learned so far over his 8 year journey as a CEO, in his own words:

“Your biggest asset is your people. Find the right people and make them the best version they can be!”

To read the full interview click here.

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