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Satori Analytics and AWS Webinar on AI & ML Ops





Satori Analytics and AWS Webinar on AI & ML Ops

Satori and AWS held a joint webinar to discuss how businesses can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to extract maximum value from their data.

Our Chief Product Officer, Stijn Schuermans, with his presentation titled: “Getting value from data I Learnings from the real world” together with Marios Parthenios, Senior Solutions Architect from AWS covered a range of topics related to AI and ML.  

The joint webinar was a highly informative session that shed light on the latest developments in cloud-based data analytics. Stijn emphasized the need for a holistic, strategic approach to data management and presented the basic steps necessary in order to get value from data by leveraging ML. He then focused on how ML techniques can help businesses reduce customer churn and increase revenue by identifying at-risk customers and implementing targeted retention strategies.

As part of the webinar an invitation was extended to the attendees to work with Satori and AWS in order to kick off a Data and AI Discovery workshop. Stijn highlighted the value of working with experts like Satori, who can help identify the key data sources that are relevant to businesses, and develop a plan to extract maximum value from that data.

We are grateful to AWS for hosting this session and providing Satori the opportunity to showcase our expertise and how we can help organizations leverage the power of AI & ML. The partnership between AWS and Satori Analytics continues to grow, as both companies strive to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions to their customers. With AWS's cutting edge cloud infrastructure and Satori's advanced analytics capabilities, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking solutions in the future.

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