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Next BIC Thing – Successful client story





Next Bic Thing – Successful client story

Satori Analytics works with BIC in this global initiative by combining Artificial Intelligence with Internet of Things technology to identify which razor is best suited to each one of us!

We partnered with BIC, to support them develop next generation shaving experiences and introduce to customers personalized options based on their needs.

By enabling users to download and link a mobile app to an IoT-embedded shaver, the developed cloud-based IoT and Analytics ecosystem, is fed with a host of data; product and user characteristics, along with sensor data whenever the user shaves.

Employing various Machine Learning and analytical models across collected data, BIC's R&D department can use the produced insights to optimise product development and innovation. “Because they’ve deeply integrated customers’ needs and experiences into the design process, BIC can now create personalized shaving experiences and products. This project’s success has the potential to affect BIC’s product R&D for the entire global market, not just a single market.” emphasizes Michael Georgakopoulos, our CEO.

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