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Omnichannel Data-Driven CX Journey for KORRES

Working with KORRES to create a true Data-Driven customer experience!


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Omnichannel Data-Driven CX Journey for KORRES

Satori has partnered with KORRES, a pioneer Greek company delivering plant-powered formulas that captures the beauty of Greece in harmony with nature, to create a true Data-Driven customer experience!

KORRES is a Greek beauty brand, born out of Athens’ oldest homeopathic pharmacy in 1996. Founded by Greek Pharmacist Giorgos Korres that believes in the innate potency of natural ingredients and Chemical Engineer Lena Korres that believes that nature is the inspiration for scientific discovery. Together they envisioned to bring together the potency of the Greek flora with the unique local traditions through innovative natural formulations, sealed with a ‘Made in Greece’ stamp, an authentic testament to the brand’s roots.

Reflecting on its commitment to offer the best experience to its hundreds of thousands of customers, KORRES has selected Satori to assist its digital transformation journey with a focus on the most contemporary ways of Digital Marketing.

The Solution

KORRES recently launched an ecommerce and loyalty app on web and mobile for the Greek market. The goal of this endeavor is to build direct relationships with their end customers and capitalize on digital commerce growth, while maintaining if not strengthening the relationships with (and sales via) their retail channel partners, primarily pharmacies.

Working together over the past two years, Satori has helped KORRES to:

  • build a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with Microsoft Azure, drawing data from ecommerce, ERP, loyalty, and Marketing communications platform
  • build a Single Customer View - comprehensive and unified records of a customer's interactions with a company (relevant data such as personal information, purchase history)
  • set up a new marketing automation tool (Klaviyo) and integrate it with the CDP
  • set up dynamic and personalized customer journeys across email and SMS
  • build and utilize Microsoft Power BI dashboards, across user base management, ecommerce, loyalty, campaigning, and more
  • deploy predictive analytics to identify cross and upsell opportunities.
The Impact

By having all KORRES customer data consolidated from various channels into one place, Korres now has a more comprehensive view of their customers and by utilizing 360 degree reporting, we have helped the organization to identify areas of improvement, make informed decisions, and develop effective strategies to achieve their goals.

With that in place, we are able to assist our client analyze customer data from various sources, and gain valuable insights into individual customer preferences and behavior. This allows for the development of personalized communication strategies that cater to each customer's unique needs and preferences.

With personalized communication strategies, KORRES can deliver targeted messages and promotions to customers through multiple channels, including email, SMS, and mobile apps. This approach to marketing and service enables them to create a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our partnership with KORRES in its Data Driven CX journey is a matter of great pride for us, and we are excited to witness the future of this collaboration between KORRES and Satori.

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