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Data-driven personalisation and cross-/up-sell for L'Oréal Hellas Luxe

Data-driven personalised comms for L'Oréal’s customers, because they’re worth it.


Data-Driven CX


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Data-driven personalisation and
                            cross-/up-sell for L'Oréal Hellas Luxe

L'Oréal Luxe wanted to analyse its rich customer data and use it to drive personalised marketing strategies for its host of global superbrands such as Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani and more.

The Solution

L'Oréal is a global cosmetics leader with thousands of loyal customers and numerous famous brands under its wing. It collects rich transactional data from various sales channels. They wanted us to analyse it, apply advanced customer analytics, and then use it to create data-driven marketing strategies and comms for each Brand, to boost customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately sales.

Our expert team started off by collecting and transforming data, creating a series of descriptive dashboards on key customer and sales metrics. Then we applied a series of customer analytics such as RFM segmentation, lapsed customers’ analysis, market basket analysis, association rule mining to discover opportunities for up- and cross-sell, trend analysis, price sensitivity, purchase journey patterns, engagement clusters and others.

Valuable insights were then shared with the respective Brand Managers, leading ultimately to the design of the appropriate CRM flows and customer journeys that convert insights into a data-driven marketing ecosystem with clear targets monitored by comprehensive reporting assessing the impact of the different campaigns.

The Impact
  • Opportunities to cross- and up-sell different SKUs.
  • Clear understanding of the value and loyalty of each customer.
  • Promotions linked to the behavior of each customer.
  • Dynamic customer clustering and massive potential for increased loyalty and retention
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