Case study

AI-led product innovation
& CX for BIC Société

Working with BIC to deliver data-driven, customer-centric products.


Advanced Analytics


FMCG | AIoT [Artificial Intelligence of Things]

AI-led product innovation & CX for
                            BIC Société

This global FMCG wanted to build a direct to consumer channel, involve customers in the innovation process, and design the next generation of shavers, tailored to customer requirements.

The Solution

FMCG giant BIC was intent on creating the “Next BIC Thing” in shaving—personalizing the shaving experience for every customer, no matter their skin or hair type.

Utilising the first BIC wet shaver with AI technology, we capture sensor data about the complete shaving experience. Applying Machine Learning on IoT data, BIC can understand which shavers are better suited to each individual.

The company partnered with us to involve customers in the product innovation process from the very beginning. Using Azure technology, we began collecting data from thousands of shaving sessions—effectively crowd-sourcing design and usage insights thanks to thousands of volunteer users—boosting productivity, fueling R&D with ideas and pioneering a new, data-driven strategy for customer-centric care.

The Impact
  • Award Winning IoT Innovation
  • Real-time data collection across 600,000 shaving sessions
  • A new channel to gather sophisticated product use insights
  • Data-driven mindset impacts global R&D process

Read more about this truly innovative project at the Microsoft global site.

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