Satori is a term to describe
“the moment of clarity”.

Our mission is to give clarity in decision making through
Data and AI.

We are a true Data & AI Transformation Partner.

Our solutions cover the whole data and analytics lifecycle. We are your one-stop-shop for all things data.

We support you all the way.

Our Solutions.

Focused and specialised

Our way of working.

We advise, design, build, manage, support and train. We are there to support you wherever you are in your transformation journey.
Our solutions are built with focus on delivering high, sustainable business value and ROI. We care about results, not platforms.
We don’t do everything. Data and AI is our trade. That’s what makes us special and able to deliver significant value to our clients.
We are proud to be Gold and selected partners with the most prominent Cloud, Data, Analytics and CRM technologies.
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We are proud to have a > 90% client repeat rate.

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Events & News

Latest news from us.

Category: Blogspot

Diffusion Models with Applications in Face-Reenactment

By Satori Analytics | 24.05.2023

In this article, we'll provide an intuitive and high-level understanding of image generation using deep generative modeling.

Category: Blogspot

Indexing in real life

By Satori Analytics | 21.04.2023

The notion of an index has become such a staple in traditional and modern data engineering that it’s very important to grasp the basic concepts. All SQL engines use indexes for the same reason, speed and consistency and almost all of them use some form of a clustered and non-clustered index.

Category: Conferences

Get the most out of your cloud data estate

By Satori Analytics | 07.04.2023

Satori Analytics participated and also sponsored the Cloud Computing Conference 2023, organized by Boussias.

Category: Conferences

Satori Analytics and AWS Webinar on AI & ML Ops

By Satori Analytics | 21.03.2023

Satori and AWS held a joint webinar to discuss how businesses can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to extract maximum value from their data.

Category: Conferences

Satori Analytics at the Global AI Bootcamp

By Satori Analytics | 07.03.2023

Satori Analytics was invited to present at the Global AI Bootcamp event.

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